• Objective : to ensure physiological health at minimal standards as per CHS
  • Our strategy: Advocacy, social mobilization, awareness campaigns, seminars, free medical camps, outdoor patient treatment, provisions of free medicines for common diseases, providing & protecting health in emergency situations too.
  • Types of Beneficiaries
  • Gender Age Social Category
  • Women including PWDs 16-60+ and Marginalized
  • Children including PWDs 1-10 years and Marginalized
  • Adolescent (ALL GNEDERS) including PWDs 11-18 years
  • Men 18-60 years and Marginalized
  • Transgender
  • IMPACT: The expected impact of this program is, the reduction in morbidity, Enhanced awareness on basic health issues (Maternal and neo-natal health, Nutrition Education & other common diseases) of vulnerable groups i.e. children, women are addressed at community level.


  • Objective: To promote Quality of education & increase literacy rate at national Level.
  • Our Strategy: Advocacy, Social Mobilization, Collaboration with Different educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities. Provision of stationery books school uniforms to underprivileged students. Promoting participation in extracurricular activities including sports events, art & craft competitions, workshops, painting, cooking, flower competition etc.
  • Types of Beneficiaries: The types of beneficiaries include girls, boys, and women from all socio-economic status and groups such as orphans, people with special needs and minorities.
  • IMPACT: The impact of this program is that to reduce gender disparity, increased acceptance of education for all at Community level, increased resource allocation for education, Improved and increased infrastructure for education, Enhanced literacy rate, increased enrollment rate of and reduced dropout rate at primary level. Improved coordination of stakeholders of education institutions (Students, Teachers & Staff). Improvement of classroom environment, teaching skills, extracurricular activities


  • Objective: To fight against the stigma associated with mental health, promote psychological health for all people
  • Our Strategy: Blessing providing out patient treatment Psychological Healing Clinic(BPHC) on dailiy baisis, free mental health camps, workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns, social mobilization, assessment & treatment for better psychological health.
  • Types of Beneficiaries We provide mental health services for all to have prosperous & healthy society
  • IMPACT: The expected impact of Psychosocial Support is, the enhancement of Quality of Life through basic Life skills, Enhanced awareness on stigma associated with the mental health professionals & patients, common psychological disorders including depression, anxiety, phobia, psychotic disorders etc., daily life problems of different people of different ages, gender.

Human Rights

  • Objective: To aware society About their Basic rights & duties including civil rights, animals rights, cybercrime & harassment law, sexual molestations, abuse, GBV and other important areas of life, make everyone to have quality of life in the light of their rights & duties.
  • Our Strategy: Advocacy and social mobilization, Service Delivery, Providing and Protecting Civil rights in emergency situation.
  • Types of Beneficiaries: for all ages, regardless of age , gender, sexual orientation inclusion of special focus groups of BWDO
  • IMPACT: The expected impact of HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM will be, the enhancement of Quality of Life through The Advocacy of basic rights Life skills, Enhanced awareness on the untalked or unveiled areas of RIGHTS & JUSTICE, enhanced confidence increase self esteemto take stand for themselves.

Economic Development & Vocational Skills

  • Objective: To build a self-reliant society where people have different vocational skills through which they can built up a small enterprises or business & promote entrepreneurship for economically well established & resilient society.
  • Our Strategy: vocational skills training through different trainings of Fashion & design, IT, art & craft, beautician courses, stitching/tailoring & other vocational courses, Micro-Finance services to empower people, Natural Resource Management, Handy Craft development and promotion, Relief Substitution.
  • Types of Beneficiaries: for adolescents, adults, regardless of age , gender, sexual orientation inclusion of special focus groups of BWDO.
  • IMPACT: The expected impact of empowering people economically is that to increased access to financial services of women, increased level of women income, increase in number of self-employed women/man, increased number of women registered with women chamber of commerce, increased number of women registered with fair trade and increased access and control of women over economic resource.