Blessing Youth Volunteer Society

BLESSING YOUTH VOLUNTEER SOCIETY (BYVS) is created for the youth specifically those youth who have Altruism, to help people .BWDO provide platform to such Persons who are dedicated to serve for the Focus groups ( children, women, girls, youth, minorities & special groups such as widows, physically impaired persons & elderly people & other socially isolated groups) of BWDO. We welcome those youngsters who want to do something for the society selflessly. BYVS builds capacity of its members through providing them opportunities, field exposure, in their relevant field & according to their area of interest, by trainings/seminars/workshops/conferences & academia. we provides friendly environment through formal and non formal gatherings, celebrations including birthday celebrations etc. we encourage our members of BYVS through providing them different benefits including yearly performance based awards, certifications, exposure, trips, celebrations etc.

Do You Want to Become a Part of BYVS

Blessians 1 Day Trip To Isb